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Ted DiBiase Recalls Heated Argument With Eric Bischoff

Ted DiBiase & Eric Bischoff

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase recalled the creative plans that led to him arguing with WCW President Eric Bischoff.

Ted DiBiase found much success during his time with the World Wrestling Federation between 1987 and 1995, using his money to buy himself prestige at every opportunity and becoming the 1988 King of the Ring as well as managing multiple champions.

However, once his time with Money, Inc. and later the Million Dollar Corporation had run its course, DiBiase participated in an angle where he was forced to leave the company when The Ringmaster (who went on to become Stone Cold Steve Austin) lost to Savio Vega at In Your House: Beware of Dog, which served as a cover for the Million Dollar Man signing with rival promotion WCW.

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh for issue 21 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Ted DiBiase recalled that his time in WCW didn’t exactly go as planned once he signed, which led to an argument over Eric Bischoff’s decision to take over the role that was once intended for the Million Dollar Man. However, staying at home instead of playing a prominent role on television led to him taking a different path in life.

“Bischoff, when he hired me, put himself in the position that he hired me for. I never said that to him, but I did say, ‘I’m not going out there after the career I have had holding the belt for Hulk Hogan with nothing to say. If you have nothing better to do with me, I will sit at home.’ So I sat at home, and it was about the same time that I started my ministry work.”

DiBiase continued, noting that his newfound passion for ministry affected his role in WCW once he returned to the company.

“I found other things to do, they eventually brought me back, but because they saw me in my ministry stuff, I suggested it might be smart to make me a babyface. So they put me with the Steiners, and the rest is history. I finished out my contract and that was it. It was ministry from then on until Vince called me back.”

Elsewhere in the interviews, Ted DiBiase discussed his regrets when it comes to the way his career in the WWE ended.

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