Ted DiBiase Advertised For NXT TakeOver: In Your House

Ted Dibiase Cameron Grimes LA Knight Match Graphic

NXT TakeOver: In Your House is advertising a money match with a difference as The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is being advertised to appear as part of the match that pits Cameron Grimes against LA Knight.

DiBiase has been a thorn in Grimes’ side almost since the NXT star returned to the black and gold brand with newfound wealth thanks to the crypto boom. Grimes took a page out of DiBiase’s book when he challenged people backstage at NXT to dribble a basketball for a cash prize. Unfortunately, Grimes didn’t have DiBiase’s knack for kicking the ball away so the unsuspecting ball dribblers couldn’t complete the task.

DiBiase would soon come face to face with Grimes as Grimes attempted to buy an expensive new watch. Sneaking up behind Grimes, DiBiase complimented him on the watch but reminded him that it wasn’t a ‘Million Dollar watch’ before launching into his trademark cackle.

Another man that has caught the attention of DiBiase is LA Knight. This past week on NXT on USA, Knight squared off with Jake Atlas in one-on-one competition. DiBiase made his way to the ring to get a closer look but this soon drew out Grimes who wanted a word with the former Million Dollar Champion. This distraction was enough for Atlas to take control and plant Knight with the LGBTQ DDT for the win.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House is now advertising a match between Knight and Grimes that shows Ted DiBiase in the graphic. The belief is he will be ringside for the match as both men try to capture his undivided attention. One thing’s for sure, however, when all is said and done, and that’s everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man.