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Taz Comments On Announcing Hook’s Debut – “So Special”


AEW announcer and wrestling legend Taz has commented publicly after he got to call his son Hook’s first wrestling match in All Elite Wrestling.

On the December 10th edition of AEW Rampage, Hook made his in-ring debut against Fuego Del Sol. The son of wrestling legend and AEW announcer Taz first appeared on-screen back in November 2020. In recent weeks and months, Hook had become something of a cult figure with fans, with the clamour for the young star’s debut increasing seemingly by the minute.

By the time Hook arrived in the ring, the hometown crowd was in full voice. The debutant didn’t disappoint his public with an impressive display aggressively and quickly seeing off the challenge of The Alabaman Luchador. During the short bout, he threw in one of his father’s signature suplexes, bringing an end to the action with a Tazmission.

After the match, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that the young star was now All Elite.

Taz has since taken to social media to thank fans for their messages of support for Hook and in case anyone missed it on Rampage, he also confirmed that the Tazmission has been rebranded:

“Folks, I really need to say THANK YOU to all of you for the tons of tweets toward me about the kind words about @730hook – it’s just too many to reply to lol!! And yes, it was SO special for me to call his first worldwide TV match. •Tazmission is now – “REDRUM”

While there’s every chance Hook was a fan of three-time Grand National winning horse Red Rum, it’s more probable that the name has to do with what it spells backwards – like Rellik in TNA – as fans of The Shining will know.

It had earlier been confirmed that Hook would be using Action Bronson’s track ‘The Chairman’s Intent’ as his theme music. Speaking with Pitchfork, Bronson explained that it was Taz who approached him about using the track.

Also speaking to Pitchfork, the 22-year-old rookie revealed that he’s been a fan of the rapper since he was child.

“I’ve been an Action Bronson fan since I was in sixth grade,”

“I would hear him shout out all these old school wrestlers, old school strong man shit, and all these old athletes. With that and the New York vibe, I had a feeling that my dad would fuck with it as well. When I showed him, he loved it.”