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Taya Valkyrie Recalls Terrifying Hotel Room Break In

Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie has detailed a recent scary incident where someone attempted to break into her hotel room.

Former WWE Superstar Taya Valkyrie has taken to social media to warn others to be vigilant after someone tried to break into her hotel room.

Posting on March 7th, Valkyrie explained that someone tried to enter her hotel room while she was in the bathroom. After hearing people talking, she came out to find someone trying to climb through a window.

Valkyrie said that she immediately ran to get help and police were called, however, they were unable to find the intruder. The former NXT star said the incident had left her shaken, noting that things could have been a whole lot worse.

“Just wanted to share what happened to me Saturday evening as a reminder to everyone to be cautious,” Taya Valkyrie wrote.

“Saturday around 5 pm I had just arrived to my hotel in Brownsville. I had just landed and was rushing to get ready for the meet and greet. I put my bags down, grabbed my makeup and went into the bathroom to get started. I heard some voices but thought they were coming from the hallway and didn’t react. A few seconds later I heard someone say ‘look at the purse and sunglasses.’ Those were my things they were talking about. I come out of the bathroom and a man was halfway through the window coming into my room.”

“I screamed and ran towards them and they ran away. Grabbed my purse and ran to the lobby to get help. Once returning to the room the hotel employee and I realized that the window lock was broken and didn’t lock at all. The hotel called the police but nobody was found. In twelve years of traveling I have never ever had an incident like this happen. I was super shaken up after.

The hotel changed me to the third floor and I went to work. This incident could have been so much worse. That’s what I keep thinking about. What if I had been in the shower, sleeping, changing…Let this just be a reminder to everyone. Check your hotel room before you do anything. I will definitely never blindly enter a room ever again. There are sh*tty people out there, protect yourself by being cautious. Thank you to the hotel and the promoter for your help and quick reaction.”

After finding success in AAA, Lucha Underground and IMPACT Wrestling, Taya Valkyrie signed with WWE in February 2021. Appearing under the name Franky Monet, the star became part of NXT, but her run with the brand never really got going, and she was released on November 4th 2021.

Since leaving WWE, the star has hit out at the company, claiming they have “zero respect” for their performers.

Following the expiration of her non-compete clause, Valkyrie has since returned to the independent scene, also featuring for AAA.