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Tay Conti Takes Legal Action Against Deranged “Fan”

Tay Conti

AEW star Tay Conti has revealed that she is taking legal precautions against a crazed man who continues to threaten her and Sammy Guevara online.

Tay Conti and boyfriend Sammy Guevara confirmed their relationship to the world on New Year’s Day 2022. Since then the pair have become a partnership on-screen in AEW and have had a polarising reaction from fans to say the least.

Unfortunately, Tay Conti has had to reveal on social media that she and Sammy have been dealing with online threats from an individual and insinuates that she has reported the man in question to the authorities:

“This is absurd. His name is DUSTIN DOLEZAL and he’s been threatening Sammy and I since January. He writes us EVERY SINGLE DAY and apparently planning to do something with us in June. I’m taking legally precautions but if something happens to us y’all know who to look for.”

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss recently commented online that she had reported a man who allegedly had threatened to shoot her and her husband Ryan Cabrera.

Alexa Bliss’ WWE colleague Sonya Deville was a victim of what happens when online threats move to the real world when she had her home invaded in 2020. The perpetrator was then charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief.

Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan live on Raw who later claimed he had been communicating with the former WWE Champion online and had sent whoever was clearly pretending to be Rollins money.