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Tay Conti Fires Back At Fans Claiming She Broke Up Sammy Guevara’s Engagement

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Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara’s relationship has been a hot topic of wrestling Twitter this year, with claims that Conti broke up Guevara’s prior engagement.

The relationship between Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti has been a constant fixture of wrestling discussion over the past few months, with the AEW stars confirming they were seeing each other romantically in a post made on New Year’s Day. Both had previously been in long-term relationships, with Guevara and ex-fiance Pamella Nizio splitting up in October amidst rumours of ‘The Spanish God’ dating Conti.

As is often the case when such an occurrence happens, both Conti and Guevara have been forced to deal with all manner of comments from fans, particularly relating to the idea that Tay broke up Sammy and Pam. Taking to Twitter after a user said Guevara had “upgraded” relationship-wise, the ex-NXT Superstar slammed back at the fans making these accusations (h/t Wrestling Inc.):

“Alright, enough with this BS. Stop talking sh*t about us or her. They didn’t work out anymore and I had nothing to do with that, there’s no f*cking upgrade, we are both good and different. When y’all was hating on us, she was the first one to text and check on us.”

Tay Conti had previously deleted her Twitter account last December, which came at the height of the allegations she was seeing Sammy before the pair made the news official. The pair had slowly begun appearing together more and more in various social media posts, particularly on Sammy’s YouTube channel.

Conti was recently in the corner of Guevara as he lost the TNT Championship to Scorpio Sky on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, with Paige VanZant signing her own AEW contract on the helpless body of Tay afterwards. It’s expected that VanZant will face Tay Conti in her eventual AEW in-ring debut.