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Tammy Sytch Allegedly Threatened To Kill Her Partner With Scissors Before Latest Arrest

Tammy Sytch Sunny

More details have emerged following WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy Sytch’s latest arrest on weapons charges as well as making ‘terroristic threats.’

Sytch began her wrestling career in 1992 as part of Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling where she accompanied boyfriend Chris Candido to the ring.

In 1995 Candido and Tammy Sytch debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as Skip and Sunny, The Bodydonnas. Skip gained a tag team partner in Dr. Tom Prichard who was renamed Zip and together they captured the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Sunny’s career soon deviated from Candido’s as she took on managing roles for competitors such as The Smoking Gunns, The Godwinns, and Faarooq and she was famously AOL’s most downloaded woman in 1996. Sunny’s WWF career came to an end in the summer of 1998 and she subsequently reunited with Chris Candido in ECW.

The 49-year-old was taken was arrested in Keansburg, New Jersey and taken into custody at Monmouth County Jail at 11 am. While the cause of the charges is not fully known TMZ has reported that Sytch has been charged with two counts of illegally possessing a weapon [that doesn’t seem to be a firearm] and one count of making terroristic threats.

TMZ has since followed up that initial report with more information on what led to Sytch’s arrest. Tammy Sytch is alleged to have threatened to kill her “intimate partner” with a pair of scissors. Court documents say that Sytch raised a pair of scissors “in the air towards her victim” while threatening to kill him. A police officer that is reported to have witnessed events added that Sytch “appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol” at the time.

This is far from Tammy Sytch’s first brush with the law. She spent 8 months in jail in 2018 after missing multiple court dates following several DUI charges. In February 2019, the 2011 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee was once again arrested for a DUI, her sixth arrest for that offence.