Tamina Opens Up About Scrapped Mental Hospital Vignette

Tamina takes down Bayley in their championship match from 2020

Tamina opened up about filming a vignette that never saw the light of day.

After losing to Bayley in a championship match at Money in the Bank 2020, Tamina went on to create her own vignette in a mental hospital which never made it to WWE TV.

The vignette was uploaded and then deleted off of social media. It opened with a look at a mental hospital. Tamina was shown inside wrapped in a straightjacket where she began to ramble on about giving her life to the WWE for 10 years and receiving nothing in return. She also used the line “nobody nicer than Tamina” along with a lot of laughing.

On a recent episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Tamina opened up about the since deleted vignette:

“I had that PPV match with Bayley and I lost, and so like nobody had heard from me and it had been a couple weeks. I was just like ‘I am so mad and I’m so frustrated’ because I still wanted to beat her a**.”

“I had put this together and in my mind the way that I thought was if Tamina, like she straight lost her mind, ya know like I had finally snapped, because that’s the way that I felt, I was about to snap bro. You really literally get in these modes where you actually want to snap and you just wanna break something and cause you get so frustrated that you can’t have this title match again.”

In 2021, Tamina won her first major championship with the company alongside Natalya. They became the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on the May 14th, 2021 edition of Friday Night SmackDown. She has also held the WWE 24/7 Championship on three separate occasions, but she has yet to win a singles WWE Women’s Championship.

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