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Talent Reportedly In The Dark Over NXT Revamp

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The “New NXT” might be launching in a matter of days, but talent within the brand are reportedly still in the dark over what the new direction will look like.

Following the releases of numerous NXT Superstars in August, reports began to emerge suggesting that the black and gold brand was heading for major changes. In the weeks that followed, NXT received a new logo, new theme song, while the CWC is being revamped.

As part of the changes, the show will reportedly be produced by Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

However, with the show’s relaunch just around the corner, a new report from Fightful Select has noted that talent are still unsure over what the “New NXT” will entail.

The report says that “numerous talent” have asked about the revamp but only received “non-answers.” The show will reportedly feature “more characters,” but again details are scarce. Although the new set at the Capitol Wrestling Center is said to be an improvement.

“We’ve heard good things from talent and staff about how the CWC has been looking over the last week. We’ve spoken to multiple sources who said that the changes physically look to be an improvement, and appear to be a much scaled down version of main roster TV sets to some degree.”

The recent health issues faced by NXT figurehead Triple H have also caused uncertainty, with talent unaware of who will be running the show. In addition, the report states that talent were unaware of Triple H’s health problems until they were made public.

On September 8th, WWE released a statement confirming that Triple H had undergone successful surgery following a “cardiac event.”

The statement said that the episode was caused by a “genetic heart issue,” but that Hall of Famer is expected to make a full recovery.