Talent Concerned Over “Red Flags” Hinting Vince McMahon Is Involved In WWE Creative

Vince McMahon

Although Vince McMahon’s official role appears to be clear-cut, it seems that the truth is somewhat certain.

Both WWE and McMahon have repeatedly insisted that he only returned to the Board of Directors in January to help sell the company and/or work on the upcoming media rights negotiations. Despite this, there have been reports that he could be more involved in creative than has been let on.

It is known that he speaks with Triple H regarding creative and it was claimed that he “had input” in the storyline between Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

This was followed by reports that the 77-year-old “pushed through” the WrestleMania match between Brock Lesnar and Omos. While it has been noted that McMahon is not “officially” involved in WrestleMania, he is “doing more than they’re letting on.”

McMahon was also present for the March 6th episode of Raw, where he sat in Gorilla all night, although he didn’t get involved in running the show.

A new report via Fightful Select has now reiterated that some talents are “concerned” that McMahon is more involved than has been disclosed publicly. They point to more frequent rewrites and adjustments being made to gimmicks to fit with what McMahon preferred previously.

Talent mentioned that there have been instances of “extensive creative” being laid out in advance, only to be changed at the last minute. A known staple of the previous ‘McMahon regime.’ The report adds that some of these things had an impact on morale.

The creative team remain adament they have had no direct contact with McMahon.

Vince McMahon Could Have A Negative Impact On WWE Sale

The report also states that McMahon is prepared to make a deal to sell the company even if such a deal didn’t involve him staying. Multiple companies linked with buying WWE believe that McMahon staying would “negatively affect the sale price, leverage, and value of the brand moving forward.”

It is also believed that there is some interest among potential buyers in bringing Stephanie McMahon back into the fold, as it is felt she brought many positives to the company.