Takumi Iroha Announces Her Return Date At GAEAISM

Takumi Iroha revealed to the world at GAEAISM: Decade of a Quarter Century that she finally has a date for her return to professional wrestling. Iroha will return at the Marvelous 5th Anniversary show on July 19.

The reveal came when she got into the face of Sendai Girls World Champion and winner of the main event Chihiro Hashimoto, who along with DASH Chisako and Mika Iwata defeated the Marvelous team of Mio Momono, Rin Kadokura, and Mei Hoshizuki to win massive GAEAISM main event that saw the AAAW World Championship, AAAW Tag Team Championships, Sendai Girls World Championship, and Sendai Girls Tag Team Championships on the line.

Iroha stepped up for her Marvelous peers, as she would have likely been featured in the main event had she not been injured. Her injury came back in Oct.2020, when she injured her knee and has been working back ever since. She has recently been sharing images of her rehab, displaying the strikes that have helped make her one of the best in wrestling today.

Iroha’s last major match before the injury actually occurred in Stardom, as she had her highly anticipated rematch with then World of Stardom Champion, Mayu Iwatani. She came up short in that one, but it was one of the best matches in all of Joshi last year. With Iroha’s pending return drawing near and Kadokura most recently working Stardom’s Tokyo Dream Cinderella show, it may mean that we see more of Iroha in Stardom (where she began her career).

No matter where she ends up upon return, the Joshi world is excited to see what she does back in the squared circle. The potential matchup with Hashimoto has to be at the top of the list which is sure to have plenty of stakes behind it.

Takumi Iroha returns at Marvelous’ 5th Anniversary on July 19.