T-BAR Sets His Sights On The WWE United States Championship

T-BAR Thumb

RETRIBUTION member, T-BAR, has declared his interest in the WWE United States Championship with a warning and challenge to current champion, Bobby Lashley.

Following Monday Night Raw, where RETRIBUTION lost to The Hurt Business, the former Dominik Dijakovic confronted ‘The Almighty’ on social media to warn him that he would be coming for his gold.

Trading vigilante warrior for keyboard warrior, T-BAR wrote:

“All Mighty my ass. You like to Fight @fightbobby? Good. Because I don’t care about match results or paper championships. I’m going to make it my Business to Hurt you. #Retribution.”


Of course, Lashley wasn’t going to sit idly by and accept the disrespect shown to him. In response, the WWE United States Champion wrote:

“You shouldn’t care about my US Title anyway because you’re nowhere near my league. Try all you want, we’ll keep winning. #TheHurtBusiness.”

RETRIBUTION haven’t experienced the best start on the red brand. In their first official match they lost via submission to The Hurt Business when T-BAR tapped to Lashley’s full nelson. The group were then systematically dismantled by ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Slapjack fell to the champion via submission in short order and the following night on Raw RETRIBUTION lost again to their rival group which saw both Lashley and T-BAR counted out and brawl up the aisle.

There’s no word yet on whether WWE will sanction the championship match for this coming Monday as a shock RETRIBUTION victory would change Survivor Series plans, which currently state that Bobby Lashley will battle Sami Zayn in an inter-brand outing.