Swoggle To Star In New Animated Show


Swoggle shared details of a new professional wrestling themed animated show, named ‘Short Stories with Swoggle’, in which he stars as narrator.

Dylan Postl is best known for his time in WWE as Hornswoggle. Upon his release from the company in 2016, Postl shortened his name to Swoggle. Speaking with Comic Book, Swoggle revealed that he has been working with Conrad Thompson to create a new, animated show:

“Me and Conrad Thompson have been friends for quite a while now. It’s kind of his brainchild and essentially a Saturday morning cartoon based off pro wrestling, which is pretty awesome…

I’m essentially controlling all the stories. Essentially like the snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I’m the tie-in for all the stories.”

The show will appear in AdFreeShows.com, a part of Thompson’s ever growing weekly content. Similar to WWE’s ‘Story Time’, the show will feature a peak behind the curtain, with Pro Wrestling stories portrayed in cartoon form. Swoggle explains that the concept is loosely based on Conrad Thompson’s weekly podcast with WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard:

“They’re stories from the wrestling world, in general. A lot of them are going to be based off the episodes of ‘Something to Wrestle With’ with Bruce Prichard and that kind of thing. Our first one was about how the Million Dollar Man (Ted DiBiase) got to be the Million Dollar Man. It’s a really cool insight into pro wrestling in a really fun way.”

Dylan Postl became a mainstream name in professional wrestling through his time in WWE. During his tenure, he portrayed a leprechaun. Accompanying Finlay to the ring, Swoggle would often appear from under the ring. In 2007, it was revealed that Swoggle was on Vince McMahons on-screen illegitimate son. This storyline would lead to a Steel Cage Match between McMahon and Swoggle. Ultimately, it was revealed that Finlay was Swoggle’s real father.

When released from WWE in 2016, Swoggle would return to the independent circuit. Most recently, he appeared on IMPACT and AEW, this past November.

Episode one of ‘Short Stories with Swoggle’ is available now at AdFreeShows.com. Episode two will debut next week.