Swerve Strickland On Why It’s Good If Tony Khan Is “In Over His Head”

Swerve Strickland

Former AEW Tag Team Champion Swerve Strickland doesn’t think Tony Khan is in over his head but if he is, it’ll only benefit AEW in the long run.

Tony Khan has had his work cut out for him in 2022 as AEW President. Khan has been forced to deal with issues surrounding MJF’s future as well as several backstage fights, the latest of which allegedly saw Andrade El Idolo throw punches at Sammy Guevara.

Speaking on the Say Less podcast, Swerve Strickland addressed some of the speculation surrounding Tony Khan and says if the AEW boss is in over his head, then it will be to the long-term benefit of the company:

“If he is in over his head – if he is. If he is in over his head, good because he has to be challenged that way. He needs to. He knows he needs to.”

“You don’t do a million-dollar gate on Wednesday night at Arthur Ashe without challenges. You don’t think that’s easy? No. He should be going at those challenges, he should be dealing with locker room morale. He has to go through that. If he doesn’t how do we grow? We have to go through growing pains and I don’t understand how people just think that’s an AEW thing.”

Swerve Strickland will find out if he’s in over his head when he travels to Toronto for Dynamite to go one-on-one with Billy Gunn.

h/t Wrestling Inc.