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Swerve Strickland Hits Back At Fan Criticism

Swerve Strickland AEW

Swerve Strickland has defended his recent tag team with Keith Lee, ‘Swerve In Our Glory’, amidst fan criticism of the two singles competitors being put together as a tag team.

Speaking to The Corner podcast, ahead of AEW’s recent Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas, Swerve Strickland was clear to point out the double standards from fans, commenting that it had been done before with Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.

“We talk about culture, there are so many times where it’s okay for this group of people to do something but when this group of people do the same thing, it’s like, ‘No, it’s an unfathomable idea.’ It wasn’t okay for Kenny Omega and Adam Page to be two singles stars holding the Tag Team Championships, right?

When Swerve and Keith do it, ‘No, they need to be singles stars.’ Ya’ll just had probably two of the best tag champs ever in the company, they were singles stars. Why do we move the goalposts for certain people? Are we visualizing us in a different realm? Is it a different criticism for how we go through things? It’s certain things I notice and a fine line we can run. I see it, but I don’t say anything. ‘I’ll let ya’ll talk.”

Though both are accomplished singles wrestlers, Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee had tagged prior to both AEW and WWE, much the same way that Omega and Page would tag as part of Bullet Club and the Elite. However, Strickland claimed that they didn’t face the same criticism.

Swerve in Our Glory failed to win the AEW Tag Championships at Double Or Nothing in a Three-Way Match against Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs, both teams unable to overcome reigning champions, Jurassic Express.

Swerve Strickland most recently appeared on Dynamite as an entrant in the Casino Battle Royal, eliminating Keith Lee in the process and teasing a potential team split.

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