Survivor Series Cleopatra’s Egg Mystery Solved

Vince McMahon at Survivor Series

The mystery of the missing Cleopatra’s egg which swept Survivor Series has been solved and the identity of the thief revealed!

In one of Survivor Series’ more bizarre tales in recent years, an egg was the talking point at the event, thirty-one years after the Gobbledy Gooker debuted at the event.

But this was no turkey egg, this was Cleopatra’s golden egg that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon brought with him to the event in Brooklyn. The egg was there as part of a tie-in between The Rock’s new movie Red Notice which was sponsoring the show. The Rock was celebrated throughout the night as Survivor Series marked the 25th anniversary of The Great One’s WWE debut.

Vince McMahon was seen later in the evening with Deville and Adam Pearce in his office and by now the golden egg had gone missing. McMahon ordered Sonya Deville to call the police, while he ran through a list of suspects with Pearce. The boss then ordered Adam Pearce to interview every WWE Superstar about the apparent theft to find the culprit.

The following episode of Raw opened with McMahon grilling Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. The WWE Chairman then revealed that the person who recovered the egg would receive a WWE Title shot, but if the egg wasn’t found Deville and Pearce would be searching for new jobs.

Throughout the night Superstars brawled through the backstage area looking for the egg, while Kevin Owens was seen hunting the corridors.

However, the turning point came when Sami Zayn promised McMahon that he could bring him the offender. This led to Zayn arriving back in McMahon’s office with Austin Theory and Cleopatra’s egg in tow. Theory explained that he only wanted a selfie but was nervous with the amount of security around, so he ended up taking the egg.

Much to Zayn’s disgust, McMahon announced that Theory will receive a shot at Big E and the WWE Championship. An irate Sami Zayn said it should be him who got the title shot, but McMahon quickly reminded him that no one likes a snitch.

Elsewhere on the show, things were thrown into chaos as a fan jumped the guardrail to attack Seth Rollins. The attacker was quickly apprehended by security and escorted out of the building.