Surprising WWE Star Reveals NJPW Aspirations


Though WWE is a behemoth of sports entertainment, plenty of other promotions play a huge part in professional wrestling across the world, and stars within the sports entertainment giant may look elsewhere in order to revitalize their careers.

Mercedes Mone is a prime example, having left her persona of Sasha Banks behind when she walked out of Monday Night Raw alongside her tag team partner Naomi back in May. After time away from the squared circle, Mone made her New Japan debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17, reinvigorating her love of wrestling and presenting herself to an entirely new audience.

Now, it appears Dana Brooke might be looking to follow in Mone’s footsteps if the opportunity were to arise. The star has been in the WWE system since signing a developmental deal in 2013, making her first televised appearance on NXT in 2015.

Speaking to Nick Hausman of WrestlingInc, Brooke was asked if she’d consider working in NJPW as she’s always been a part of the “WWE bubble” up to this point in her wrestling career. The star responded in the affirmative, praising the experience of women who’ve worked overseas in the past and saying they’ve helped elevate her in her craft.

“Yeah, it’s amazing because I do work with quite a few girls that have that experience as well, too, in the WWE ring. And it always feels like they push me to my limits. They elevate me. They bring out what’s best in me.”

However, Brooke believes that WWE will always be her home and first priority.

“But WWE is always home. It feels like it’s always home. So, given that opportunity, I would have to talk it over, and we would go from there.”

Dana Brooke Helped Revitalize WWE’s 24/7 Championship Division

Despite being in the company for many years, Dana Brooke’s first title win came in November of 2021 when she pinned Cedric Alexander to become the new 24/7 Champion. In the months that followed, she formed an alliance with Reggie, and the two were regularly in competition against the pair of Akira Tozawa and Tamina.

In April of 2022, both couples were married in a double commitment ceremony on Raw. After exchanging rings, the happy couples kissed – but the scene began to unravel when during their kiss, Reggie pulled Dana down to the ground and pinned her, thereby winning the 24/7 Championship.

His new title reign didn’t last long, however, as Tamina quickly pinned Reggie to begin her second 24/7 Championship reign. Her new husband, not wanting to miss a title opportunity, rolled her up and won the title for himself. In the end, Brooke pinned Tozawa to regain her 24/7 Championship, and left the arena on R-Truth’s shoulders as the two ran away. Dana Brooke demanded a divorce in the weeks to follow.

On the November 7th episode of Raw, Nikki Cross defeated Brooke for the title. Instead of cherishing the accomplishment, however, Cross threw the belt in the trash shortly after her win, effectively retiring the championship.