Surprising Name Joins David Finlay’s Bullet Club During NJPW Capital Collision

David Finlay

David Finlay has introduced a brand new member to “his” Bullet Club.

Finlay took over the group in the aftermath of Eddie Kingston defeating Jay White in a “Loser Leaves NJPW” match at February’s Battle In The Valley. Finlay unexpectedly attacked White with his shillelagh after the match, leaving him lying.

The next time Finlay appeared was at New Japan’s 51st Anniversary Event. There, he entered wearing Bullet Club gear and accompanied by Gedo. It later became clear that Gedo had picked him to be the new leader of the group with White gone.

Not everyone was happy with the new leadership, as El Phantasmo repeatedly made it clear he didn’t accept Finlay and still had loyalty to White. Things came to a head at Sakura Genesis when ELP tried to prevent Finlay from beating down Tama Tonga. The pair fought and ELP threw his BC elbow pads at Finlay.

Phantasmo had no loyalty from his teammates, either, with KENTA and Taiji Ishimori siding with Finlay to attack him, officially kicking him out of the group.

David Finlay has introduced El Phantasmo’s replacement

Ahead of New Japan’s return to the US for Capital Collision on April 15th, David Finlay issued a video message revealing that a new member would be taking ELP’s place in Bullet Club.

“This is a quick message to my Bullet Club members past, present, and future.

“This weekend at the New Japan Strong pay-per-views, I will be in the building just in case anyone wants to challenge my leadership of my Bullet Club.”

“To ELP’s replacement, I’ll say this. We’ve been talking for weeks now, and you keep telling me that you are ready.

“But this weekend, let’s say at Capital Collision, the talking stops and you have to show me. You have to show me that you’re sick of being overlooked and underappreciated, just like I was.” (H/T Wrestling Inc)

At Capital Collision, the new member turned out to be LA Dojo graduate Clark Connors. Connors was in action during the night, teaming with The DKC, Chuck Taylor, Rocky Romero, and Lio Rush. The team lost to KUSHIDA, Volador Jr., Mike Bailey, and Kevin Knight.

After the defeat, Connors attacked DKC and left him lying in the ring with a spear. This was seemingly all Finlay needed to see as, after he defeated AR Fox in the following match, he called the Wild Rhino to the ring and offered him a spot in Bullet Club, saying he wants “savages” in the group rather than people who sell t-shirts.

Outside of New Japan, Jay White has been busy creating a new version of Bullet Club in his new home of AEW. So far, The Switchblade has recruited Juice Robinson to his cause and claimed ‘Bullet Club Gold’ will take over the promotion.