Surprising Ex-WWE Star Was Planned To Win Tag Team Title In 2022

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Despite being the first person eliminated from her season of Tough Enough in 2011, Ariane Andrew signed a contract with WWE and began working for its developmental brand FCW.

Performing in the company as Cameron, the star made her main roster debut in 2012 alongside former NXT competitor Naomi, and the two would continue to be linked for the majority of time Ariane spent in the company. Originally valets for Brodus Clay, the Funkadactyls eventually stepped out on their own in 2013 after separating from Clay.

Their separation from each other came in 2014, leading to a bitter feud between the former partners. After a brief hiatus from television in 2015, Ariane was moved to NXT, where she competed in a handful of matches before being released from her contract in May of 2016.

The former Total Divas star wouldn’t be seen on WWE television again until making her return in the 2022 Royal Rumble, which was eventually won by an also-returning Ronda Rousey. To the dismay of Funkadacytl fans, Cameron was eliminated before Naomi had a chance to enter the ring, so those hoping to see the two reunite were left disappointed.

During a recent Golden Ring Collectibles virtual signing, Ariane Andrew opened up about her WWE return and revealed that despite the appearance being a one-off, the company initially planned much more for the Funkadactyls. In fact, the pair were slated to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

“2022 for me was not one of my best years. You’re gonna get tea… So I’m gonna give all the goodies… I’ve shared this but I think the more I can share, the better, so did the Royal Rumble… and then two days after, lost my dad, got called back to come back to WWE to get the Tag Team Titles with Naomi and then Thursday, they were (like), never mind, girl… Because Naomi and I were talking about gear.”

Naomi would go on to become Women’s Tag Team Champion after all, winning the title alongside Sasha Banks (now known as Mercedes Mone) at WrestleMania 38.

Ariane Andrew Revealed That Naomi Underwent Shoulder Surgery After Leaving WWE

Elsewhere in the interview, Ariane spoke about her former tag team partner’s plans after walking out of the company back in May alongside her tag team partner Mercedes. She revealed that Naomi, real name Trinity Fatu, is currently recovering from shoulder surgery.

“So, she (Trinity Fatu/Naomi) is recovering from shoulder surgery and you know, I want her to answer the question for herself (of what’s next for her). I know she’s recovering from shoulder surgery. But, I’m super proud of her. That’s my sister from another mister and I think you have to ask her for yourself how she’s feeling. See if her shoulder is feeling good because she’s recovering right now. Ask her that question.”

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