Surprise Entrant Wins Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

WWE Money In The Bank

A surprise eighth entrant, revealed at the last minute by Adam Pearce has won the men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Before the match even began there was a surprise as Adam Pearce arrived on the stage. The WWE official explained that seeing as the show was taking place in Las Vegas he thought he would raise the stakes by adding to the match. At this he brought out the eighth entrant into the contest Theory.

To that point the young star had endured a night to forget, losing his United States Championship to Bobby Lashley via the Hurt Lock.

As for the match itself, the combatants attempted to take Omos out of the game, which left Drew McIntyre and Sheamus brawling in the ring. Sensing an opportunity, Theory tried to quickly climb to victory but the warring foes below briefly became friends to take out the star.

While the violence in these kind of matches is never far away, things went up a notch as Madcap Moss delivered a vicious Powerbomb on Sami Zayn onto a ladder. The frantic action continued as Riddle built some momentum of his own, hitting the surely the world’s biggest Floating Bro from the top of a ladder in the ring to his rivals below.

At this, Omos saw his chance to get back involved and was briefly dominant before the seven other competitors teamed up to drive him through the announce table. Unbelievably, the chaos continued to escalate as Riddle hit an RKO on Rollins from the top of a ladder to the ring.

This allowed Riddle to climb to the top of the ladder and get his hands on the briefcase. The only problem was, Theory ran up to join him. After a battle up amongst the lights, Theory knocked Riddle from the ladder to claim the win.