Former Superstar Comments On WWE Return, Rules Out AEW Switch

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Since assuming creative control of WWE Triple H has not hesitated to bring back a number of former stars. This policy has seen Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross and many more return to the company after being let go by Vince McMahon. In recent weeks the returns have shown no sign of stopping with former NXT star Emma appearing on Friday Night SmackDown to challenge Ronda Rousey.

This appearance by Emma was followed by reports that a number of female stars could be on their way back to the company. One such star is Chelsea Green, who left WWE in April 2021. It has been suggested that the star has now finished her run with IMPACT Wrestling, while WWE hold “significant interest” in bringing her back into the fold. While with IMPACT Green also made appearances for a number of promotions including the NWA, Ring of Honor and a whole host of independent companies.

Chelsea Green Comments On WWE Return

Speaking in a new interview with Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone, Green was asked about potentially signing an exclusive deal with one promotion. Interestingly, in her reply the star ruled out a move to AEW, but revealed that the door to WWE remains very much open.

“I think that I wouldn’t go to AEW, and that’s just a reality for me. It’s not gonna happen. With WWE, I’m really glad that I left on good terms, although I was sad that I didn’t get to fulfill myself creatively as a wrestler. I still had a great relationship with Triple H. I had a great relationship with Vince, so I am really happy that I’m able to hold my head up high knowing there’s an opportunity for me to possibly go back if they decide it’s the time and the place.

But this time would be different because I went into it the first time, and I was just so doe-eyed and naïve, and just thought that I deserved to be listened to and deserved to be heard. Now I realize it’s not always like that. And it’s not always wrestling. It’s just show business. Acting is the same way. You’re not going to get everything that you ‘deserve’ or everything that you work for, and all you can do is just go in with a totally open mind and just let things happen. So if I did get the chance to go back, and if someone contacted me, I would absolutely have that conversation,”

Continuing on, Green said that she feels as though she has unfinished business with WWE, although the ball remains very much in their court regarding a return.

“I have unfinished business at WWE, period. But I would go into it totally different than I did the last time, and I think that’s also the beauty of growing up. I have other goals in life now and at some point I want to start a family,” Green said. “It would be nice to close the WWE chapter with another run or another storyline, but that’s not my choice. That’s theirs.”

The IMPACT Wrestling star compared her situation to that of her husband Matt Cardona, who wrestled with WWE for a number of years as Zack Ryder. She explained that while he may be content to leave that chapter of his career behind, due to her own short run with the company she has more to accomplish.

“I think so. I can’t say that I wouldn’t. I really think that there’s more left there, and I know that people lump me and my husband together, but they forget he had 15 years there. He might be totally okay with closing that chapter and moving on, and this is the next chapter and he doesn’t need to reopen that. Who knows. But I’m different. I was only there for like a split second, and I didn’t get to hold the titles like he did or have those storylines and those memories like he did, and I think that’s something that if I don’t go back and I don’t get to experience again,” Green explained.

“I will definitely wonder what could’ve been. But also the internet seems to know more than I know. When I read these things, I’m like, ‘Wow, I wonder who told this person that.’ I would love if they called me and told me this,”

Aside from Chelsea Green it has been reported that Mia Yim and Tegan Nox could also be heading back to WWE in the near future.