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Former Superstar Admits They Made “A Lot Of Mistakes” While With WWE

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A former WWE Superstar has given an honest assessment of their time with the company, admitting they made a lot of mistakes.

Lio Rush signed with WWE in August 2017 and appeared across NXT, 205 Live and Monday Night Raw for the next three years.

Following his WWE exit, Rush headed out onto the independent scene which saw him eventually appear in AAA, New Japan Pro Wrestling and AEW.

Speaking during an appearance on the Kurt Angle Show, available via AdFreeShows, Rush reflected on his time in WWE. The star explained that he was thankful for the experience, even if it didn’t work out as he had hoped.

“The learning experience, the journey. I’m super appreciative, even if it didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to go. I think that learning experience in itself as a businessman and a young man. You can’t learn until you make mistakes, and I made a lot of mistakes there. I also found myself as an individual there,” (h/t to Sportskeeda)

In September 2021, Lio Rush signed a short-term deal with AEW which saw him wrestle on Dynamite and Dark. However, Rush’s contract expired in February and he became a free agent. The star was also critical of AEW President Tony Khan on social media following comments he made regarding diversity.

Speaking in a recent interview, Rush explained that despite this, there was no bad blood over his AEW departure and expects to cross paths with Khan again in the future.

“I do think, one day, it’ll be inevitable for me to cross paths with Tony again. Look what New Japan is doing with AEW right now. Even with my departure, there was no bad blood. The situation was what it was, and we parted ways. I don’t think that door was closed, at least from what I know. I don’t know how they feel on the other end, and I’m not worried how they feel on the other end, I’m doing me. When that time comes, it comes. If it doesn’t come, it’s not meant to be.”

Lio Rush was last in action at PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2022 on January 30th.