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Stone Cold Steve Austin Responds To CM Punk

Stone Cold Steve Austin Thumb

Stone Cold Steve Austin has cracked open a can of whoop ass in order to respond to the claim of CM Punk that he would have lost in seconds.

On February 12, the outspoken former WWE Champion took to Twitter and opened the floor to his followers for questions to answer. While one person asked him about the match against Chris Benoit that never occurred at WWE Vengeance: Night of Champions in 2007, another pushed for an answer about who would have prevailed had he ever collided with Stone Cold.

As brash as ever, Punk responded to the devotee by stating in his usual jocular manner that it would have taken one GTS and three seconds to put ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ down should they have ever met prior to Punk’s WWE departure in 2014.

However, now the tweet has landed directly in the snake pit in front of Steve Austin himself who saw the words Punk had to say about their fantasy meeting. Never one to shy away from a challenge, WWE’s toughest S.O.B had a few words of his own for ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’, calling him delusional:

“I see. @CMPunk You did say that. Damn. Complete delusion. I had us at a 60 minute time limit match at the Rosemont Horizon. Right there in Chicago. Chi Town. The Windy City. Helluva match. Caught you with a Stunner at 59:56. You did not kick out. Bottom line.”

While CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin never occurred between the ropes, there was much talk of the bout transpiring in 2013 when the latter stated that should he ever choose to come out retirement for one more match, it would be against Punk and nobody else.