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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Documentary Lands Last Dance Producers

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According to Chasing Glory host, Lilian Garcia, a new documentary about ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is in the works and it has landed major names as producers.

Michael Tollin, Curtis Polk and Estee Portnoy are just three of the names who produced the fascinating and critically acclaimed, The Last Dance, mini-series which aired on Netflix earlier this year and covered the career of basketball phenomenon, Michael Jordan.

Now, according to Garcia who spoke to Chris Van Vliet, the trio alongside all the other producers from the successful series have been enrolled to make a similar project about ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’:

“The producer from The Last Dance called me. Actually, WWE reached out to me first and were like, ‘The product from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you, they want you involved in a documentary.’ So, they ended up reaching out. We were currently watching [The Last Dance] as this is happening. When Jake [Rogal] reached out to me, I was like, ‘I’m literally watching your documentary right now, this is amazing.’ Come to find out, they want to do a documentary for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it’s coming out next year. They gave me the biggest compliment. They said, ‘your interview with Steve that you did on Chasing Glory was what made us realize that we wanted to do a different documentary. We never heard the story of him being so shy that he couldn’t order from Dairy Queen. To see what he’s become is so inspiring. You seem to have such a friendship with him, we want you in the documentary.’ That is amazing! I reached out to Steve, he knew they were going to reach out to me, and I was like, ‘Dude, this is so special.'”

Though it is currently unknown which part of Steve Austin’s career the project will be based on, whether it will land on the WWE Network or follow The Last Dance onto Netflix and whether it will be a self contained episode or a ten-part mini-series per it’s predecessor, we can all give a big ‘hell yeah’ to the idea of an in-depth Steve Austin biography.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Inside the Ropes will keep you updated on the project as and when news becomes available.

Credit for the interview: Chris Van Vliet

h/t for the transcription: Fightful