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Sting Pays Tribute To Cody Rhodes Following Shock AEW Exit

Cody Rhodes & Sting

Sting has paid tribute to Cody Rhodes following his departure from AEW.

On February 15th Cody and Brandi Rhodes announced that they had left AEW. The couple had been with the company since it’s inception in 2019, and both held positions backstage with the promotion as well as appearing on camera.

It has since been reported that Cody Rhodes could be heading back to WWE where he began his career. It has been suggested that the former Intercontinental Champion could be working with the company within a matter of days. However, it appears that his wife Brandi will not be joining him.

In the hours after the departures, numerous AEW stars paid tribute to both Cody and Brandi, thanking them for their work with the company.

The Icon, Sting has now taken to social media to share his own tribute. Sting famously has an association with the Rhodes family going back to the 1980’s when he worked with Cody’s father Dusty.

Although Sting and Cody Rhodes never wrestled while under the same company roof, the WWE Hall of Famer made his debut coming to Rhodes’ aid as he was being attacked by Team Taz.

On February 17th, Cody Rhodes broke his own silence over his exit from the company. The three-time TNT Champion hadn’t spoken publicly since releasing a statement confirming that he was leaving AEW.

Writing on social media, Rhodes implored fans to keep watching AEW even though he was no longer there, praising the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Hangman Adam Page, MJF and his brother Dustin for their work taking the company forwards.

“I’d encourage you to still watch it – I was very lucky that my hard work led me to be that face, but I wasn’t alone

Nick/Matt/Kenny/Chicken/Jericho/MJF/Hang were as well, and all the new girls and guys putting in a shift now as well

Wrestling is thriving”

Rhodes’ final match came on a special Beach Break edition of Dynamite where he was defeated by Sammy Guevara in a Ladder Match to determine the Undisputed TNT Champion. Cody Rhodes leaves AEW having never won the company’s World Championship, but as the only three-time TNT Champion in the promotion’s history.