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Sting Stars In Islander Music Video


Sting has made waves this past week and change with his return to the wrestling world, but in an even less predictable move, The Icon has starred in a new music video by Islander!

The video for Crazy Crazy World sees Sting wake up by hitting his alarm clock – which stands next to a Sting figurine and a Skeletor figurine – before getting out of bed, while in full Sting attire. The rest of the feature follows the WCW legend as he goes about his daily activities, brushing his teeth, washing a Sting t-shirt identical to the one he’s wearing, perusing a comic, sunbathing, drinking coffee and buying coffee.

Last week, Sting shocked the world by appearing on AEW Dynamite, returning to wrestling for the first time in five years and to the TNT channel for the first time in almost two decades. Rumours have been rife ever since regarding a potential in-ring return, with AEW listing The Icon on their men’s roster with a win-loss record beside his name.

This week’s Dynamite saw Sting speak in a segment with a lot of moving parts, from Tony Schiavone being scheduled to interview the man he welcomes to the ring in such an iconic way, but with Sting and Cody Rhodes barbing on the mic as a result following Arn Anderson’s departure from the ring after a short interaction. Perhaps more interestingly, the previous segment saw Daby Allin looking at Rorschach blotches with the final one representing Sting’s face, and Allin himself would appear in the rafters during the segment with Sting.

Full results from this week’s AEW Dynamite are available here.