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Sting Responds To Dwight Schrute’s Bizarre Wrestling Challenge

Sting & Dwight Schrute

The Icon Sting has responded to the unprovoked challenge from Dwight Schrute, real name Rainn Wilson, even threatening to break out a new move!

2021 has been a strange old year for professional wrestling. In the ring there have been returns galore with John Cena, Brock Lesnar and most surprisingly CM Punk all making their way back to the squared circle. While zombies invaded a WWE pay-per-view attacking a former World Champion and Liv Morgan revealed that she names her cows after wrestling events.

There was also the small matter of Paul Heyman receiving an offer from adult website Brazzers, and the revelation that Bret Hart used to draw sketches of his fellow wrestlers performing sex acts.

In short, the bar for weird wrestling stories is frighteningly high.

However, with the year winding to a close, actor Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute from multi-award-winning NBC show, The Office, took to social media to call out Hall of Famer and all-round wrestling legend Sting. Not only that, the owner of Schrute Farms said that he would beat the multiple-time World Champion.

Furthermore, Sting has now replied to the sit-com star, even threatening to break out a new move to fell his unexpected rival.

While Sting undoubtedly has more experience inside the ropes, having made his wrestling debut back in 1985, it would be unwise to rule out Schrute. Although his style is incredibly unorthodox, he is proficient with a number of weapons, a martial arts expert and knows just how to commit the perfect crime.

Inside The Ropes will continue to bring you updates as the most unexpected dream match of a generation, between the unlikeliest of rivals, moves ever closer.