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Sting Reacts To Ric Flair’s WWE Release

Ric Flair Sting

The Icon Sting has given his reaction to the news that his perennial rival Ric Flair has parted ways with WWE after reportedly requesting his release.

Just a matter of days after Bray Wyatt was released by the company, the news of the 16-time World Champion’s departure has emerged courtesy of Fightful and Wrestling Inc.

Flair had reportedly re-signed with the company just over a year ago, but has been used sparingly on television. The 16-time World Champion and two-time Hall of Famer was most recently seen on television in a storyline where he betrayed his own daughter to side with on-screen partner Lacey Evans before the latter’s real-life pregnancy brought the storyline to a halt. Before then, Flair played an integral role in the storyline between Edge and Randy Orton.

According to Fightful Select, Flair had grown frustrated with certain booking decisions and contacted Vince McMahon directly to express his concerns and ask for his release – which, of course, we now know was granted. There’s no specific news as of yet as to which decisions contributed to Flair’s frustrations, however, the legendary wrestler had previously expressed his discomfort at the storyline where he portrayed Lacey Evans’ partner.

Now Sting who Flair wrestled in his last ever match in TNA in 2011 has reacted on social media to the news of The Nature Boy’s free-agent status. Sting accompanied a GIF of him and Flair squaring off with a very recognisable caption – “WOOOO!!!”

Sting and Flair’s rivalry goes all the way back to the two star’s days in Jim Crockett Promotions. Sting won his first NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship from Flair at The Great American Bash in 1990. This came after Sting had an ill-fated spell as a Four Horseman.

The two men’s rivalry continued decades later and the weight of the feud was brought to bear when Sting and Flair had the last ever match on the final edition of WCW Monday Nitro in March 2001.

With fans speculating at what Flair’s next move might be, many are hopeful of another showdown between the two all-time greats with Sting having found a new home in All Elite Wrestling.

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