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Sting Compares His Own Attitude To The AEW Roster

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The Icon’ Sting has opened up about where and why he sees parallels of his own attitude in the current AEW roster.

Since the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion stepped foot onto the AEW stage at Winter is Coming on December 2, he has been the focus of much hype and speculation with people casting rumours on his current role and who we’ll see him step into the ring against.

However, appearing on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast, Sting didn’t seem keen to speak about any of these issues and instead focused on the similarities between the attitude he had when he was up and coming in the NWA in the late eighties and those he sees on AEW’s roster today:

“When I first started, I didn’t want to do and be like the generation before me. I wanted to be different, and I was, and these guys I’m watching do the same thing. They’re different. They’ve changed the psychology, you know, how they tell a story, and they’re good. Very innovative.”

His attention then turned the current technique employed in the squared circle, where bouts are contested mostly at a pace faster than in Sting’s day and arguably with much less psychology applied:

“Some of the matches that I have seen are the most incredible, athletic, high-paced—I don’t know how many false finishes. They got the crowd rockin’ and rollin’ on every single match it seems.”

Though no date has been set, Sting will compete in AEW in what has been said will be cinematic matches. Currently, the legend stands with Cody Rhodes and AEW TNT Champion, Darby Allin, against Team Taz.

Credit for the interview: AEW Unrestricted Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful