“Still Legal Issues In Play” Regarding CM Punk And AEW Saga

CM Punk

CM Punk might be inching towards an AEW return but it appears that there are still a number of issues rumbling on behind the scenes.

Punk hasn’t featured for the company since sparking chaos by going on the attack against The Elite and others at the post-All Out media scrum back in September. Once backstage, the star got into a fight with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, and the ramifications of this chaos are still being felt.

The situation spawned “legal issues” with both sides of the argument, and AEW boss Tony Khan, unable to discuss what took place as a result. This has seen speculation run riot, with the truth being firmly hidden, at least for the time being.

However, it has been widely reported that CM Punk will be back in AEW on June 17th for the launch of the new Saturday night show Collision. While this might lead some to believe that fences have been mended, it appears that this is far from the case.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that the “legal issues” are still in play meaning that no one can discuss what happened or speak to the ‘other side.’ As such, one person, in particular, has been prevented from making an apology, this person is said to not be CM Punk.

“Regarding the questions everyone asks about the internal stuff and people making up and working together, nothing has changed. There are a number of different legal issues still ongoing and in play and nobody is allowed to publicly talk or contact the other side or talk about any of the issues. From someone near the top, they are no closer to any resolutions than they have been, but things are more reasonable.

At least one person is willing to apologize and has wanted to for a while but is not allowed to make any contact. This isn’t Punk, as we don’t know one way or the other what he’s willing to do. Another person on that side also said that they believe that apologies are in order, but more than one, that Punk should be the first but not the only one.”

CM Punk Pitching To Work With Samoa Joe

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Punk is pitching for a huge match when he does finally return. It had initially been thought that he would be working with Chris Jericho, however, it has been revealed that the star is looking to work with Samoa Joe. The pair had a famous rivalry when they were both previously in Ring of Honor.