Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael Reveals Battle With ALS

Steve McMichael Thumb

Chicago Bears legend and former WCW star Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael has revealed that he has been diagnosed with ALS.

McMichael has chosen to open up about his diagnosis to help explain why he will no longer be making public appearances.

Speaking with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, the former Defensive Tackle explained that his condition has deteriorated rapidly. From becoming worried about tingling in his arms getting worse last autumn, to where he has no strength in his arms or his left leg.

The 63-year old who now has to be fed by his his wife Misty, described his condition as “exhausting.”

“I know what it feels like to go in the weight room and do a set of three with 725 pounds on the squat rack,” McMichael says. “Now? When I get up and try to move? It feels like I’m doing 1,000 (bleeping) pounds. And it’s just exhausting straining that hard. That’s what my world is now.”

It has been suggested by one neurologist that his illness stems from his athletic career, but there’s no way to be sure.

“One neurologist I saw suggested to me that ‘Maybe the damage you did to yourself opened the door for what’s happening (now).’ But there are other people who get this where it just opens the door itself and kicks their ass.”

That being said, McMichael says he’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

“Hell yes, I would do it all over again… Because it’s that journey that’s the reward. It’s that climb and how hard it was to substantiate yourself as out of the ordinary. That kind of achievement isn’t just given to you.”

“But the dancing chicken is ready to be entertained himself,” he says. “I want to see someone else on that hot plate dancing around.”

In a pro football career that lasted 14 years McMichael became a Super Bowl champion, and a Chicago bears legend. After hanging up his football helmet, McMichael transitioned into the world of professional wrestling. After briefly appearing on WWE television in mid 1995, ‘Mongo’ moved to WCW where he would compete until 1999.

McMichael was famously part of the legendary Four Horseman stable, something which Arn Anderson recently lifted the lid on.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up in order to help the former NFL star’s medical bills.

Information on future fundraising events and additional “Team Mongo” gear can be found at the official “Team Mongo” website,