Steve Austin Has Trash Compactor Named After Him

Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has done nearly everything during his illustrious wrestling career but now the star is inspiring the fight against climate change as a new recyclables trash compactor has been named after the star.

Steve Austin might be known for stomping mudholes and walking them dry on his opponents but the trash compactor named after him in the city of Madison, Wisconsin will be more concerned with crushing aluminium and stomping cardboard.

Forget Stone Cold Steve Austin, Meet Stone Cold Squeeze Often

Two electric-powered compactors were officially named on Friday following a public vote, Rosie the Rubbisher – a take on World War II poster girl Rosie the Riveter – was chosen for the one that will eat up trash where as Stone Cold Squeeze Often was named for the compactor dealing with the city’s recyclables which is perhaps only fitting given Steve Austin’s penchant for cans of beer over the years.

The name is said to have beaten off competition from Sir Crushalot, George Squashington, Ron Squeezely, and Pulverine. No Chilly McFreeze or Fang McFrost in sight.

A full press release from the City of Madison gave more insight into the new compactors and how their attention-grabbing monikers were chosen:

“The Streets Division would like to introduce you to our newly named electric compactors.

The compactor for trash is named Rosie the Rubbisher.

The compactor for recycling is named Stone Cold Squeeze Often.

The compactors are available for use by Madison residents at the east side drop-off site located at 4602 Sycamore Ave.

The site hours have changed this year, so be sure you check the hours on our website before loading your vehicle.

How were the names picked?
Earlier this year, an election was held where voters had an opportunity to name the electric compactors.

Voters picked their top five choice of names on their ballots. Their top choice received five points, their second choice received four points, and so on.

The name with the most total points was selected to be the winner.

Voting Results – Trash Compactor
Rosie the Rubbisher received a total of 4,342 points from appearing on 1,225 ballots.

Rosie did not receive the most first place votes in the trash compactor election – that honor went to Crush Farley.

Rosie won the election because the name received many more second choice votes than the next competitor.

A full breakdown of the voting can be found on the compactor website.

Voting Results – Recycling Compactor
Stone Cold Squeeze Often received a total of 3,744 points from appearing on 1,022 ballots.

Stone Cold received the most first-place votes by a wide margin in the recycling compactor election.

Interestingly, Stone Cold only appeared on the third-most number of ballots. Both Sir Crushalot and George Squashington appeared on more. Stone Cold won the election because of that large lead in first choice votes.

A full breakdown of the voting can be found on the compactor website.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin must have been glad he didn’t send his wrestling boots for recycling when he returned to the ring in an unlikely WrestleMania 38 main event against Kevin Owens. Austin picked up the victory nineteen years after his previous match which took place at WrestleMania 19 against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.