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Steve Austin Says Bret Hart’s “P***ing & Moaning” Made Double Turn Possible

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has opened up about the incredible events that aligned to allow him and Bret Hart to perform a double turn, despite The Hitman being “red hot” with the crowd.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, The Hall of Famer spoke about his WrestleMania 13 Submission Match with Bret Hart in front of 18,000 Chicago fans, going back to a few months earlier when they worked the same building.

“Well, I started realizing that I started to resonate with the crowd a few months earlier, or a year earlier, give or take. We had worked the exact same building at the Rosemont Horizon, which is my favorite building to work in. It was a tag match, and every time I got into the ring, man, people started coming alive. I thought we were on to something.”

Returning to his WrestleMania 13 clash, The Texas Rattlesnake went on to say how he and Hart knew they had the people hooked from the get-go.

“So, I go out there, and I rock the house with Bret, and it’s like anytime you’re doing something, you do it to elicit a response. The way the Rosemont Horizon is constructed is it has a wooden ceiling. The crowd there is so wild that if you have 18,000 people there and they sell out, you’ll get an immediate response because of the acoustics of that building. We knew we had those people hooked from start to finish; they were in on that ride.”

Austin opined that the double turn wasn’t just possible because of his connection with the audience, but that, while Bret Hart was red hot, the Hitman had started to “piss and moan” – which set it up perfectly.

“When I got out there, there was a mixed reaction… You always want your dance partner to be as over as possible. Bret was red hot. He was kind of at that pivotal area because, on one hand, he was that beloved babyface, and on the other hand, he kind of started piss and moaning to a degree, which all set out that play for the double turn. So, [there was] electricity that night in front of that wonderful crowd.”

Austin also opened up about his final match with The Rock at WrestleMania XIX and his rivalry with Mr McMahon.

h/t Wrestling Inc.