Steve Austin Reveals The “Really Hard” Part Of Being A WWE Superstar

Steve Austin

Steve Austin had one of the greatest careers in pro wrestling history.

The Texas Rattlesnake was at the top of WWE for years as the cornerstone of the Attitude Era. However, the path to getting there wasn’t always an easy one.

During an interview with Sidewalks Entertainment, Austin looked back on his time in the ring, saying that there were “trials and tribulations” along the way.

“You just described my wrestling career, and it was actually a blast. When I started, I was actually terrible.

“Through trial and tribulations and paying dues on the road, I ended up being really good at it. That was just due to a lot of hard work.

“I had a lot of great times in the business, it was the number one passion in my life was my wrestling career. I’ve said that on many occasions.

Austin went on to admit that the life of a pro wrestler is a tough one and needs full commitment.

“That is a real tough life and it will take a lot out of you because you have to give it everything you’ve got. You’re living out on the road, you can never come out of the road because if you do, someone will replace you.

“The pressure is hot, the injury rate is high, and you go down the road with a bunch of guys that you come to know and love and some of the craziest individuals that you’ll ever meet in your life.”

Steve Austin initially got into the business just “to be a wrestler”

The Bionic Redneck went on to say that while in the beginning he just wanted to be a wrestler, when he got into the business, he wanted to get to the top.

“Throughout it all, you’re just trying to go up the card. When I first got into the business of wrestling, I just got in to be a wrestler. When you get in there, ‘Oh, okay, you want to be on top.’

As it turned out, once he reached the pinnacle, the “really hard” thing was to stay there.

“Getting to the top is the journey. Remaining on top is really hard. Through it all, I met some great people and I’m thankful to everybody that helped me out in my career and took me under my arm and gave me some tips of wisdom and I’m thankful to WWE for the opportunity.”

Steve Austin last wrestled at WrestleMania 38, defeating Kevin Owens during the first night of the annual spectacular before handing out Stunners to Austin Theory, Pat McAfee, and his old foe Vince McMahon on the second night.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.