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Steve Austin Responding To Kevin Owens At 12pm ET

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WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin won’t keep Kevin Owens waiting long for a response to his challenge that Owens issued on Raw.

Monday Night Raw opened with a triple threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championship that saw Alpha Academy defend against Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins as well as RK-Bro.

While it looked like Owens and Rollins might earn their way to WrestleMania when Owens hit a Stunner on Chad Gable that was followed up by a Stomp from Rollins, but Riddle was able to steal a pinfall victory over the prone Gable and win the match for his team. RK-Bro celebrated in the ring as Owens and Rollins were despondent.

Throughout the rest of the night, disappointment was evident when Rollins refused to respond to a backstage interview. Owens, however, said that he had a plan to get on the WrestleMania card after all.

Owens said that he could invite JBL, but the horns on his limo would make a more interesting opponent. He also mentioned Booker T but mocked the WWE Hall of Famer. Finally, he mentioned the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, but as a Canadian, he felt it would be sacrilegious to invite the Heartbreak Kid out of respect for Canadian hero Bret Hart.

Kevin Owens then began talking about one more WWE Hall of Famer, who he called a redneck and said that his knees were so shot that he had to wear knee braces for the majority of his career. He then mentioned his intended guest for the show by name, calling out one of the biggest stars to ever compete inside the squared circle:

“I know you’re watching, and I don’t think you have the guts to show up, but the bottom line is that I’m calling you out, Stone Cold Steve Austin!”

Now WWE has announced on social media that Steve Austin won’t hang about in giving Owens a response as the Texas Rattlesnake will answer Owens today at 12pm ET/ 5pm UK time.

Stick with Inside The Ropes to find out just what Stone Cold Steve Austin has to say to the former WWE Universal Champion.