Steve Austin Recalls Kayfabe Preventing Him From Meeting LeBron James

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Recently, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shared a shorty about how he wasn’t able to meet NBA superstar LeBron James during an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Steve Austin noted that if he would have met James, he would have had to done so in front of a live crowd, and would break kayfabe as a result.

When it comes to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the game of basketball, LeBron James is one of the most recognized and known athletes. It isn’t just his basketball fame at play either, with “King James” leaving his mark in Hollywood starring in several commercials and movies.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Didn’t Want To Break Kayfabe For “The King”

Earlier in his career, LeBron James was in attendance at a live WWE Monday Night Raw show, and he was sitting in the front row close to the ring. Talking with Complex in an interview, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shared how he wasn’t able to have an interaction with James, saying that he couldn’t break kayfabe.

“I was in the ring, and he had that flip phone just like you said; he was taking pictures. He was basketball, I mean, everything was about LeBron, and he’s about to really get going and take over the sport. And to see him out there to be at a WWE event and be a fan of Stone Cold was very flattering.

And at the time, I was in character, man. And when I’m in character, all I’m doing is turning a dial-up. That’s not a gimmick; that’s me. I wanted to go out there and shake his hand and slap him on the back, but I couldn’t do that. And all these years for him to bust out the Lebron 3:16 shirt. Very cool.”

H/T WrestleZone