Steve Austin – “If The Stars Align, Anything Could Happen”

Steve Austin

Though Steve Austin is once again retired from in-ring competition, he isn’t completely closing the door on a return.

The WWE Hall of Famer originally retired from in-ring competition following his match with The Rock at WrestleMania XIX in 2003, but in 2022, he shocked the world by facing Kevin Owens in his first match in 19 years. After being photographed in phenomenal shape earlier this year, fans wondered if another return to the squared circle was on the horizon.

According to reports, there were multiple big-money pitches on the table for the Texas Rattlesnake, including opportunities to face both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. However, as the blockbuster event drew near, it became clear that Austin wasn’t part of the plans, and the man himself confirmed in March that he would not be wrestling.

Speaking in a new interview with WESH2 to promote his upcoming series Stone Cold Takes On America, Austin opened up about his decision not to return to the ring again in Los Angeles, saying that while not much was expected of him in his No Holds Barred match against Owens, he didn’t feel he could get into ring shape while filming the new A&E series.

“They approached me about wrestling at WrestleMania 39. I thought, what I did with Kevin, that was a great sendoff because I started in Dallas, got a chance to end in Dallas.”

“The way we framed that match, too much wasn’t expected. I got approached to be part of 39, but the schedule of filming, I told WWE, ‘I don’t know what my life looks like until we get into production and knowing if I can train for WrestleMania 39.’”

“We finished this show about five to seven days before WrestleMania. There is no way, traveling all over God’s creation in an RV with a 35-pound dumbbell, a 45-pound sandbag, and some kettlebells, that I could have gotten in that kind of shape.”

Steve Austin Leaves The Door Open For A Future WWE Return

Continuing, Austin made it clear that while he doesn’t necessarily expect to wrestle again, he’s not ruling out the possibility if the right opportunity comes along.

“In the future, I’m not saying I will get back in the ring, but like I said at 38, if the stars align, anything could happen.”

h/t Fightful