Steve Austin Heaps Praise On Part-Time WWE Star

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin knows a thing or two about star power. As WWE’s biggest megastar in modern history, Austin was catapulted into main-event matches and feuds that led the company to its peak of success and popularity.

But Austin was only one man and in wrestling it takes two to tango. As such, he knew when he was in the ring with top-level talent and when wrestlers or creative ideas needed to be rejected.

Given his success, Austin’s name still carries a tremendous amount of weight in the wrestling business. As such, Pat McAfee must be elated that Austin decided to praise him in an interview with TMZ Sports.

Steve Austin praises Mat McAfee for “being entertaining”

The praise started when Steve Austin was asked about wrestlers who sold his Stone Cold Stunner and Austin named McAfee as one of the top three to ever make that move look spectacular.

“I got to say top three because I mean, you know, The Rock is number one. The way he oversold and Scott Hall and some of the other guys that took it.

I mean the way…Pat has a natural feel for the business. Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically you know that that match he had with the Theory was awesome. And then the kicker was not only the sell of a Stunner, but I don’t know if I threw him out or he ended up out of the ring but to lay there selling, still guzzling the beer, the presence of mind to ad Lib and improvise it like this is a moment without even thinking about it. I think he’s amazing.

He’s very entertaining, and as a human being, I like him a whole lot.”

Despite this praise, however, Pat McAfee may not be seen in or around wrestling anytime soon as he recently signed a deal to go work for ESPN.

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