Steve Austin Discusses Not Being Able To “Commit To Stunning Steve”

Stunning Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin has explained how he never really knew who he was when he was known as Stunning Steve Austin in World Championship Wrestling in the early nineties.

For four years from 1991 to 1995 Austin was known as Stunning as he won the World Television and United States Championship in the company. He also formed a fondly remembered tag team with Brian Pillman during this time as well. Together The Hollywood Blonds won the Unified NWA/WCW Tag Team Championships.

Speaking to Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Austin discussed his time as Stunning Steve and how he never really knew what made him Stunning.

Austin explained:

“Stunning Steve, Chris, I never really, as we talked, you always knew the character you wanted to be two years before you got into wrestling school. Well, a couple of years into wrestling I was Stunning Steve Austin but Tom Pritchard asked me ‘what was so stunning about Stunning Steve?’ and I could not tell him, you know I had a sequin robe, the long hair, it was more of a mindset – this cocky arrogant guy – but I didn’t really have anything to be able to – an identity.”

“I couldn’t commit to Stunning Steve because I didn’t know who and what the guy was, and I didn’t really take the time to really learn who and what he was. I was more focused on mechanics and psychology, and as you know dude, to climb up that system you better be thinking of every single thing that goes into it.”

Debuting in the WWF in early 1996, Austin was once again given a persona, this time as ‘The Ringmaster.’ Austin managed to rid himself of this name after a few months to become known as Stone Cold Steve Austin. From there Steve Austin went on to superstardom, winning multiple world championships and joining the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2009.

Steve Austin also discussed his historic rivalry with Vince McMahon, as the two men warred over control of the WWF Championship during the Attitude Era.

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

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