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Steve Austin Defeats Kevin Owens At WrestleMania 38

Steve Austin hits a Stone Cold Stunner on Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38

Despite the main event being advertised as an episode of the KO Show, Steve Austin rolled back the years with one more match.

Kevin Owens entered the ring to a chorus of boos which only intensified as soon as he picked up a microphone. Owens teased apologising for his previous remarks about Texas, but instead said that he had told the truth.

The former Universal Champion continued by running down Steve Austin, saying he would only bring him to the ring when he was ready. Owens continued by saying that Austin would have to just sit and take whatever he said to him or else he would get hit with a Stunner.

At this the glass shattered and the returning hero came home, as Austin entered to the kind of reception that only he commands. But there was a twist! Austin disappeared from the stage, only to return on his famous 4 wheeler.

The WWE Hall of Famer upset Owens as soon as he arrived in the ring, by kicking over his set so he could do his signature poses on the turnbuckle. Not that Owens took the slight lying down, cutting Austin’s music.

In typical Stone Cold Steve Austin fashion he fired back, calling Owens’ hair and beady eyes stupid, branding him a son of a b*tch, as the crowd roared their approval. They then delivered an asshole chant right on cue. In response, Owens said that he tricked Austin, admitting he called him out for a fight.

Not only that, he challenged him to an Anything Goes Match right there on the spot. Steve Austin responded by pointing out he had his first match in Dallas, Texas, before calling Owens a “sack of sh*t” and calling for a referee.

In a surreal scene a match began with the two men trading right hands, until Austin stomped his traditional mudhole in the corner. After whipping Owens across the ring, Austin even stopped for beer before continuing the punishment. Something which became a running theme.

Not that Austin had things all his own way. Owens threw him into the ring post, before looking for a table. But just as things were looking dire for the veteran, he revered Owens sending him flying into the table before brawling into the crowd.

In the midst of the brawl, Owens suplexed Austin directly onto the concrete floor. Eventually the pair made it made it back to ringside, where after being beaten down on the announce table, Owens tried to escape on the 4 wheeler. Instead Austin, nigh-on abducted KO, suplexing him on the stage. Only to repeat the trick on the other side of the stage.

Back in the ring, Owens sporting a cut on his back, thought he had shocked the world delivering a Stunner to Austin only to see his rival kick out.

Determined to finish the job, Owens grabbed a chair from ringside, but his wild swing missed the target and hit the tope rope, causing the chair to bounce back into his face. This left Austin clear to hit a Stunner and claim one last win.

As his music played, Steve Austin threw beers into the crowd, before hitting one more Stunner on Owens for good measure. A sad night for KO came to an end when he was carried from ringside by two police officers.

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