Stone Cold Steve Austin Boldly Proclaims Breath Of The Wild Is Better Than Ocarina Of Time

Steve Austin on Breath of The Wild vs Ocarina Of Time

Steve Austin has triumphed over some of the biggest stars in wrestling history but now he’s stepped in the ring with his toughest opponent yet: Legend of Zelda fans.

In a new contender for the weirdest wrestling story of 2022, Stone Cold Steve Austin has made the bold proclamation that Breath of The Wild is the superior Legend of Zelda game over Ocarina Of Time.

Yes, really.

During a preview clip for an upcoming edition of Broken Skull Sessions featuring Cody Rhodes, Austin presented The American Nightmare with a series of quickfire questions. Rhodes, a lifelong Legend of Zelda fan, was asked which game in the series was his favourite and quickly responded with the classic “Ocarina of Time. Hands down.”

Stone Cold immediately shot back, however, with “No dude, Breath of The Wild.” Austin is not known for being a fan of video games but Cody seemed to respect his opinion, responding that it was a bold choice. Elsewhere in the clip, Rhodes named his favourite arena, band, dream wrestling opponent and more.

Rhodes’ Legend of Zelda fandom has crept its way into his wrestling persona several times over his 15-year career. In ode to the franchise, his Vertebreaker signature move is known as Din’s Fire and a Triforce could be seen on his wrestling boots early in his WWE days before it was removed after he received “a stern letter from Nintendo.”

So next time you get into a debate about which Legend of Zelda game is the greatest, you can say it’s Breath of The Wild and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold really said so.