Steve Austin Breaks The Hearts Of Zelda Fans Around The World

Steve Austin on Breath of The Wild vs Ocarina Of Time

Back in May 2022, Steve Austin made the surprise claim that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was superior to Ocarina of time.

The incident happened during an episode of Broken Skull Sessions featuring Cody Rhodes. The Texas Rattlesnake asked Rhodes a series of quickfire questions including which Zelda game was best. The American Nightmare, who is known to be an avid fan of the franchise responded with, “Ocarina of Time. Hands Down.”

Austin immediately disagreed, saying, “No dude, Breath of the Wild!”. While Cody respected his opinion, he claimed it was a “bold choice”.

Apart from causing controversy among fans over which game was better, the Bionic Redneck’s claim was a shock because nobody had considered the WWE Hall of Famer to be a gamer.

In news that could disappoint millions of fans, it turns out he really isn’t.

Steve Austin reveals the Legend of Zelda comment was an “inside rib”

During a new interview with Ryan Satin, Austin was asked about the comment and revealed that the whole thing was an “inside rib” he was put up to by his producer.

“[Laughs] Zelda, that was like a rib, an inside rib. My producer says, ‘Hey, say this’, and it stoked so much on social media. So, it’s like an inside rib.

“I never have really been a big video game guy but in the business that I’ve been in, I’ve been, you know, fortunate to be in so many.”

In other news that will disappoint many, Steve Austin has confirmed that his wrestling days are over. During an interview with NBC Los Angeles, the star said that while he is fine with making appearances from time to time, he doesn’t miss stepping into the ring.

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