Steve Austin Learned About ‘Beer Bath’ On The Day Of The Show

Steve Austin Beer Bath

WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has revealed he only found about one of his most iconic Attitude Era segments on the day of the show.

Stone Cold Steve Austin seemed like he was taking part in Wacky Races throughout much of the Attitude Era as he took a variety of different transport around arenas, mainly with the mission of making WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s life a living hell.

One of Austin’s most iconic transport moments came when he drove a fully loaded beer truck to the ring to deliver a famous beer bath to McMahon, his son Shane and the then-WWF Champion, The Rock.

Speaking on the Brewbound Podcast, Steve Austin discussed the moment and says he found about the idea on the day of the show:

“Living on the road back in those days was a pretty wild time. A lot of times, you get creative the day of. I just remember arriving at the building and Vince (McMahon) or somebody saying, ‘Hey man, you’re going to drive a beer truck into the arena and hose down The Rock.'”

“Out of that beer truck, I bumped the ring with it, but the first 30 gallons was actual beer, and then it turned into water. When you show up and hear all the crazy sh*t they had me do, whether it was Zambonis, beer trucks, driving cement trucks, and filling a Corvette with cement, totally a damn good Corvette, we were able to do so many fun things.”

“It’s those moments that people will never forget. That beer truck was one of them. As I stood on top of that beer truck, delivering the go-home promo for Rock for WrestleMania 15, it was a hell of a night to be at the office.”

“People just sh*t their pants because you don’t see that every day and that’s the kind of stuff we were doing damn near every Monday night. That’s why the ratings were so high. I have to give a lot of credit to the roster. We had a loaded roster with a lot of great creative and we were on a tear.”

As for the beer bath itself, Steve Austin revealed that he almost took himself out with the powerful hose and he tried to take an almighty swig of beer for the working man:

“I’m spraying Vince down and him being the ultimate promoter starts swimming on the mat, trying to get away, I’m spraying The Rock down.”

“At one time, I was going to give myself a drink of beer and that thing is on full throttle. If you watch it back, when I tip that thing up to try and take a drink from it, it’s pouring out with the force of a firehose. I almost took myself out of the game by blowing my head off with that flow of beer and water. It was amazing and I had so much fun during my WWE career.”

h/t Fightful