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Stephen Amell Recalls Asking CM Punk If He Was AEW Bound

CM Punk

Actor Stephen Amell has recalled asking his ‘Heels’ co-star CM Punk whether he was heading back to the ring, specifically for AEW!

The star, most well known for his role as the eponymous Arrow, appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his latest project ‘Heels’ which is a wrestling based drama for the US network Starz. During the course of the interview, he revealed that he text Punk “You coming back?” to which CM Punk responded in evasive fashion with a photo of a cat shrugging.

Amell also went on to say that “The only thing that I know for sure is that Phil can still go. He’s in great shape.”

Another tidbit that Amell dropped during the interview that Punk will be playing a character on Heels called Ricky Rabies and that his performance was “so great in and out of the ring that we ended up bringing him back for the finale.”

It appears almost certain that Punk is readying himself for a return to the ring in the form of AEW, with hints most recently being dropped by Darby Allin on Dynamite.

CM Punk hasn’t wrestled a match since the 2014 Royal Rumble after which he left WWE under a cloud of acrimony. Prior to his ten-year stint under contract there he was one of the most in-demand performers on the independent circuit, where he was a mainstay for ROH as well as making appearances for TNA, PWG & MLW.

Amell has previously wrestled three matches, all of which were more recent than Punk’s last foray into the squared circle. He first wrestled for WWE in 2015, then for ROH in 2017, and finally as part of the AEW precursor event All In in 2018.

Heels’ first episode will air on August 15th.