Stephanie McMahon Addresses WWE Interim CEO Appointment

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has released a short statement addressing her new role as WWE’s Interim CEO and Chairwoman.

On June 17th WWE announced on its corporate website that Vince McMahon had stepped down from his responsibilities as WWE CEO and Chairman of the Board with immediate effect.

The announcement comes after it was revealed that McMahon is being investigated over allegations that he paid $3 million to a former employee with whom he had previously had an affair. The investigation also uncovered other claims of misconduct made by other former female WWE employees that involve both Vince McMahon and WWE’s Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis.

Following the announcement, Stephanie McMahon posted the following statement on social media:

The appointment comes after Stephanie McMahon announced that she was taking a leave of absence on May 19th. Posting on social media, McMahon wrote that she was taking a leave of absence from the majority of her responsibilities to focus on her family.

“As of tomorrow, I am taking a leave of absence from the majority of my responsibilities at WWE. WWE is a lifelong legacy for me and I look forward to returning to the company that I love after taking this time to focus on my family.”

However, following her departure numerous reports emerged, including quotes from “WWE insiders” that she had actually been pushed towards the exit as a result of poor performance.

It is important to note that despite her absence, McMahon retained her position on WWE’s Board of Directors.