Stephanie McMahon Says Tyson Fury Is “Tailor Made” For WWE

Tyson Fury and Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has heaped praise on Tyson Fury, suggesting that WWE are open to the Heavyweight boxing star returning to the company.

Heavyweight boxing superstar Tyson Fury made his first appearance with WWE back in early October 2019. The undefeated fighter confronted Braun Strowman during an episode of SmackDown while he was watching as a ‘fan’ before eventually going on to face Strowman at Crown Jewel.

In Saudi Arabia, Fury won the match knocking out his rival. Fury later briefly teamed with Strowman at a SmackDown taping in Manchester, England the following month.

Since this brief foray, speculation has continually linked the WBC Heavyweight Champion with a return to the squared circle.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Stephanie McMahon has now added further fuel to the fire. McMahon said that Fury was “tailor made” for WWE and “we’ll see if and when he comes back.”

“Tyson Fury, I feel, is made for WWE,” said McMahon. “He has all of the personality, all of the charisma, he’s an incredible athlete with a tremendous look, he’s a big man, lots of strength, power, speed, and agility. I think he is tailor-made for WWE, and we’ll see if and when he comes back.”

McMahon’s comments come after Fury’s wife hinted in October that the boxing star would eventually head back to WWE, revealing he’s in touch with Vince McMahon “all the time.”

Speaking elsewhere, Stephanie McMahon also recently gave an update on her husband Triple H’s health as he continues to recover from surgery following what was described as a “cardiac event.” McMahon confirmed that The Game was “doing great.”

During the same conversation she also revealed that her eldest daughter has begun training to be a wrestler.