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Stephanie McMahon Sends Heartwarming Tribute To Undertaker

Undertaker & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has taken to social media to pay an incredibly heartwarming tribute to The Undertaker on the week of the 30th anniversary of The Deadman’s WWE debut, ahead of his final farewell at Survivor Series. McMahon and Undertaker have a rather storied history onscreen, but Stephanie’s words most definitely speak to their relationship outside the ring, too.

McMahon would post via Twitter and Facebook, “It’s been an absolute honor and a privilege getting to share time and memories with@undertaker in and out of the ring over the last 30 years. Congratulations on an incredible career! #Undertaker30#FBF”

The Stephanie McMahon tribute, however, pales in comparison to the other bizarre tributes paid to The Deadman ahead of his retirement from in-ring competition. Earlier today, WWE announced a collaboration between Undertaker and Snoop Dogg which sees the pair have cross-branded merchandise released via the WWE Shop in the culmination of a week that has saw the WWE legend call out Piers Morgan, have a table permanently reserved at Nando’s, have Tyson Fury pay a very special tribute to him, eat some very hot sauce on Hot Ones, and launch a Cameo account.

Ahead of Survivor Series, you can celebrate Undertaker Week on BT Sport. Find the full schedule here!