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Stephanie McMahon Says Roman Reigns vs The Rock Would Be Phenomenal

The Rock

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon has given her thoughts on a potential Roman Reigns vs The Rock match at WrestleMania 37.

Over the years, The Rock and Roman have talked so much about wanting to fight one another, the real life cousins have a long storied lineage within the WWE and a match between the two Anoa’i men could easily headline an event such as WrestleMania.

Stephanie McMahon has been speaking to TMZ Sports, and was asked directly about the two clashing at the ‘Grandest Stage Of Them All’, “Is there any chance that you guys are working on that match for this years Mania?“. Her response, cryptic as ever, but pointing very much in the positive direction.

I suppose there’s any chance that we’re working on anything at anytime, to answer your question.

It would be a phenomenal story to find out who truly sits at the ‘Head of the Table’, y’know, when you think about The Rock and his family, Roman Reigns, his family, the heritage and the lineage throughout our business of that family.

Huge story, and I do hope we see it play out one day.

Stephanie isn’t the only one hoping to see this clash of the Anoa’i’s, the WWE Universe have been asking for this matchup for some time now. With Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s schedule incredibly packed as always, we wait and see whether the ‘Head Of The Table Showdown’ will develop into anything more than wishful thinking from the fans and now Stephanie McMahon herself.

Interestingly, on the Rock’s YouTube channel he uploaded an interview in which he talks directly about a match with Roman at Mania. “If I came back to Mania, It feels like that match [with Roman] would be the one that makes sense, right? Truth is, I would be honoured to share the ring with Roman, and honoured to have his hand raised on that one“.