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Stephanie McMahon – “Sasha And Bianca Are Going To Tear It Down”

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has discussed Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair headlining WrestleMania – only the second time women have done so in the event’s history.

Speaking to NXT announcer Vic Joseph on a special edition of the After The Bell podcast, McMahon reiterated how proud she was of the women’s revolution in WWE.

The Chief Brand Officer started by discussing WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks:

“They are the main event. I actually ran into Sasha a couple of times today but one time very unexpectedly in the elevator this morning. I just gave her this huge hug and it was so special. She’s so special. And it was emotional – I’m gonna get emotional just talking about it.”

“What she’s feeling tonight you’d have to ask her but you could just feel like good energy coming off of her. She looks amazing of course and I know she and Bianca are going to tear it down.”

McMahon noted that the two competitors exemplify the passion that is needed to be successful in WWE:

“I think to make it to a particular level in this business you have to have that passion. Even just to work in WWE, I’ve been asked a million times by HR recruiters and all this stuff ‘what’s the one key ingredient to success? What do you have to have to work at WWE and be successful?’ And my answer is always passion. You have to have that passion that fuels you. I also think if you don’t have that passion this business is gonna eat you alive.”

Stephanie McMahon then talked about the next step for women’s wrestling in the company:

“Well, I think the women’s evolution continues to roll on and continues to grow. I think until we reach true parity on the rosters, that’s when we’re really gonna be there. When there’s an even number if you will. Whoever is the main event should be the main event because they deserve it and because they’ve earned it. Not because of their gender. That should never be a factor in making that decision. But because it’s the best story with the best characters and the most drive, emotion, and impact. That’s what should determine the main event. I think by virtue of what we’re gonna see tonight that movement just continues to roll.”

McMahon then discussed the women’s revolution being a worldwide movement and how it has given the opportunity for women to compete in places they were not allowed to before:

“It’s funny you mention WrestleMania, you mention main eventing but I think the power of the WWE Universe and their voice and how they made this whole movement happen with the ‘give divas a chance’ hashtag that trended originally for three days. It ultimately gave the opportunity for our women to perform in Abu Dhabi and it took us six years for them to be able to have a match. Their gear had to be different, only their head and their hands could show. But a chant broke out in the arena that said ‘this is hope.’ Both men and women chanting ‘this is hope’ and that’s not a typical WWE chant.”

“It was Sasha and Alexa Bliss. They said they saw tears in the eyes of little girls in the front row. Ultimately that gave rise to not just one, but two matches in Saudi Arabia where the chant was simply ‘this is awesome’ which is exactly what it should be.”

Stephanie McMahon recently discussed Jon Moxley’s departure from WWE in a recent interview, indicating that it was a decision made by both parties.

Credit: After The Bell

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