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Stephanie McMahon On Piped In Crowd Noise: “At First We Didn’t Want To Do It”

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Stephanie McMahon has spoken out on WWE’s decision to use pre-recorded crowd noise inside their ThunderDome.

The use of artificial crowd noise in WWE has been both criticised and lauded by fans and professional wrestlers around the world. Some think it’s a great addition that adds atmosphere and drama to the bouts on display, while others such as Jey Uso find it a complete distraction and no substitute for real people.

WWE ThunderDome isn’t the only place the company have decided to use the soundtrack either. It has also been a major part of the re-launch of NXT UK since September.

Speaking to Token CEO, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer delved into the actorly sound and the decision to use it in the first place. However, Stephanie did note that the company didn’t want it at all:

“The audio made such a difference. At first, we did not want to pipe in any audio because we thought it would come off as phony and it wouldn’t feel real. We didn’t like that. When we started experimenting with the mix of real audio with the amplified audio, it made such a difference as a viewer.”

The interview went on as McMahon stated that she believes it’s the correct time to experiment further with WWE ThunderDome and the noises they can provide for it. The former WWF Women’s Champion also noted in the interview that WWE have consumers lining up to be attached to the experiments and brands.

The last time we saw Stephanie McMahon on WWE television, she was reading out the 2020 draft results for both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

Whether you like the piped-in noise from WWE ThunderDome or not, it looks like the concept is here to stay even after the company move from the Amway Center and set-up shop elsewhere in December.

Credit for the interview: Token CEO

h/t for the quote: Fightful